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Trade Show Design
Dawson Sales will design your booth and sales materials for your next trade show. Dawson Sales has won consistent awards for local industry booth designs and is a proven leader at the annual IFT Chicago Section Trade Show.

Customized Territory Call Schedules
Let our sales staff organize a schedule of territory sales calls for you. We will make all the appointments and at your option, we can take you to meet the customers. Daily or weekly rates available.

Sales Force Implementation
For Principals looking to set-up and organize a sales staff in ingredient sales, Dawson Sales key personnel will assist you.

Sales Force Strategy
Since each of our clients have specific needs, we will customize a sales strategy for your sales department. Whether you plan on selling direct, through brokers, distributors or a combination of both, we can create a unique strategy for your success.

Market Timing Recommendations
Wondering when to book that next contract or to stay spot in that falling market? Dawson Sales history in selling ingredients gives us the perspective and seasoned knowledge to make purchasing recommendations.

Chef Referral
We will refer chefs for your corporate or personnel needs. Our involvement locally with the RCA dates back to the inception of culinology. Dawson Sales can also introduce you to research chefs at major food companies.

Call Diane Dawson for more information and pricing on any of the services listed above.