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Dawson Sales Company, Inc. is a food ingredients brokerage company. We sell food ingredients to food processors and manufacturers. In addition, we offer a menu of sales and marketing consulting services, including, but not limited to: food trend work, flavor ideation, how to organize an ingredients broker network, and specific territory sales calls, and focused sales presentations. Our ingredient sales are based on a negotiated rate of commission with each supplier, including a retainer fee for new suppliers. The consulting services are based on a per diem rate, and are negotiated as well.

Founded by James C. Dawson in 1954, the company's beginning was in canned food sales. Formerly a sales executive of Campbell Soup, and a food broker in the Midwest, James C. Dawson began his brokerage business when he and his wife, Violet, moved back from Sioux City, Iowa to their hometown of Chicago, where both were raised. Selling was Dawson's strength and on the force of his buoyant personality, and persuasive skills. The 1960's marked the company's beginning into the ingredients business, when Dawson focused on sugar, and represented lines at retail, and also at the processor (industrial) level. In time, the company's list of representation expanded to include all types of ingredients, beyond commodities, and with the advent of high fructose corn syrup, which replaced a lot of sugar at the manufacturing level, the company was forced to expand into the value-added ingredient business.

Today, under the direction of Diane Dawson, daughter of James C. Dawson, the company sells value added ingredients, like raisins, coconut, flavors, gelatin, cookies, eggs, dried meats, onion and garlic, figs, prunes, soybean oils, herbs, spices, Customers range from large to small, and orders are from one box to rail car loads shipping all over the world, but primarily in the United States.

Cited in the Wall Street Journal, and Crain's Chicago Business, the Company has been noted to influence, gummy bear technology, cookies and cream flavor, and the use of dried vegetables in starch-based side dishes. To this end, the consulting services of the company have grown, and currently Dawson Sales offers customized-consulting in the sales and marketing areas, a strength of Diane Dawson, who holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Chicago, and also is a past sales achiever at IBM.